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how can I suspend/pause a service provider (eg. SP2)?

Started by chinarut, June 17, 2021, 10:01:09 AM

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hi! we have an Obi200 and experimenting configuring SP1 & SP2 with two GV accts - it works great - the default already uses two different ring tones.

there are times I am away for extended times and would like to pause SP2 (secondary GV acct) & resume later - how can we do this?

my workaround is to just delete SP2 and create it again later and wondering if there is a more elegant way :)

EDIT: what I'm really trying to do is automate pausing SP2 so it only rings my Pixel when I leave the house.  when I get home, SP2 resumes.

ps. sorry about the duplicate forum posts. I deleted 2 of them.


There is a "Do not Disturb" feature in Google voice that will pause calls to your device for up to 27 years!


In Expert mode on the Obitalk portal you can untick the "Enable" box for the relevant SP.  Just need to tick it again when you want to use it again.


Will DND on GV block calls to you Pixel?

There is also DND on the OBi200, but it's global. You will have use OBi Expert to modify the Star Codes for only SP2.

Star Codes -> Star Code Profile A

Code17: *78, Do Not Disturb, set(sp2($Dnd),1)
Code18: *79, Disable DND, set(sp2($Dnd),0)


Quote from: azrobert on June 17, 2021, 12:07:24 PM
Will DND on GV block calls to you Pixel?

Enabling "Do not disturb" on Google Voice does exactly that:  none of your endpoints will ring (no ringing for the web SIP client, the Google Voice mobile apps, nor OBiTALK clients).

There's no way to schedule that (there's the old, Legacy schedule function, but AFAIK, it doesn't control all the SIP clients).