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registration not required + Connecting to; Token Error

Started by mjc7129, June 13, 2021, 01:42:26 PM

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Have a OBi202.

Being down for 3 days. Tried deleting and registering the Obitalk. I get a "registration not required" in the Dashboard under status after registering the device.

Note: Under Status I'm getting the green light which is supposed to signify that the device is connected. But connected to what? After several minutes getting " "registration not required" message changes to "Connecting to;Token Error"

This device (OBi202) has been running good for over 2 years.


Have you tried searching the forums?  Go do for "token error" and report back to me.


My OBi202 went back "Connected" overnight, without my intervention. S-E VA here.
Placed a call, all works.