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Asking for help setting up Callcentric and Nomorobo with a GV number on Obi200

Started by estus, October 25, 2021, 08:12:21 PM

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Hello, I've seen a handful of threads that deal with trying to do this or something similar, but haven't known enough about the process to follow along and implement it. On my Obi200 I have SP1 configuring for Google Voice, SP2 configured for Anveo E911 which I no longer use and SP3 configuring for Callcentric which I'm using for caller-ID and 911 service. I'd like to add in Nomorobo to try reducing the massive amount of spam calls I've been getting. How should I go about this? I've gotten as far as getting a Nomorobo number and selecting Vonage as my service provider so far, but I'm not sure what configuration I might need to do on my Obi Dashboard or Callcentric account if anyone can help. Thank you for your time.


You would configure the items at CallCentric.

Create a treatment that has simultaneous ringing with the first entry listed as the number that NONOROBO gave you to call and set that ring time.

The second number in that simultaneous ring treatment is the number or extension you want to receive the calls.

Then have that treatment be used by your inbound number.

When a call comes in, both NOMOROBO and your extension will ring. If NOMOROBO determine the call is a spammer/telemarketer, they will pick up and hang up the call. Thus your phone may ring once and then no more because the call is done. Otherwise NOMOROBO ignores the call and your phone continues to ring.
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Thank you for the help with this. Can I use the same ring time for both numbers? I've currently got them both set to 5 seconds.


Quote from: estus on October 27, 2021, 02:03:03 PM
Thank you for the help with this. Can I use the same ring time for both numbers? I've currently got them both set to 5 seconds.
No. You would use 5 seconds for the Nomorobo call and 30 seconds for your extension. This assumes you want to use GV's voicemail if the call isn't answered which will kick in at 25 seconds.
Also, would highly recommend you use call hunting rather than simultaneous ringing unless you enjoy hearing the single ring each time Nomorobo intercepts a call. Some people do.

But I would really recommend using Callcentric's IVR as your primary spam stopper. I very rarely get a robocall that Nomorobo actually stops anymore whereas the IVR stops them all.
I have a call treatment that routes all numbers in my CC phone book (group) directly to my extension. Then I have another call treatment that routes all unknown numbers to the IVR. My IVR has 2 choices: go to voicemail or go to my extension. No robocaller has ever gotten through that or ever left a voicemail.
Don't pin your hopes of stopping robocallers on Nomorobo.