Why my OBI200 outgoing/incoming calls throw " The number you dialed, has not ..?

Started by RIMDO, October 31, 2021, 10:58:25 AM

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Why my OBI200 outgoing calls throw loud static, when get transferred ?

Thanks for weighing in for my posted thread.

I did search this forum yesterday for my subject header. I did not receive any hits. That was the reason, I opened this thread.

I find some weird issues, I am in Maryland. When I place a call to phramacy (eg Walgreen, Giant), I am able to hear whole greetings to chase options. As I requested to transfer to reach rep, I am getting loud static noise.

I tried with GV wit my android phone. It goes without any issues.

What is causing OBITalk device to act this way ?

How do I fix it?

What is the best place to raise issues?

Thanks for your guidance.