Over the past 6 days calls disconnect using Google Voice

Started by magicwine, June 26, 2021, 10:47:22 AM

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Several times over the past 6 days calls disconnect using Google Voice while we are talking.

The first time, on Monday June 21, I was unable to make any new calls even when rebooting the device. Eventually about 20 minutes later, I could make calls after another reboot, not sure if it was my reboot or something else on GV's end was fixed.

But some calls have still disconnected over past 6 days - most don't - but was wondering......

Has anyone else been having this problem recently, and is there any fix?



Yes. I have the same problem but it may have started earlier - I'm unsure.
Get the no response from the service provider trying to call out through the OBIHAI and it doesn't ring for incoming  calls either.


It's a long thread but you should see if your SP set up shows any of the errors mentioned and see the solutions offered. For now, if you just want a quick fix, delete your SP set up in your dashboard and renter your GV credentials. It will most likely fix the issue for now, but I recommend reading through this thread anyway. I suspect it's the same problem.