Suddenly "SP1 Google Voice, Status: Offline"

Started by Durbhasa, July 08, 2021, 10:58:42 AM

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My obihai OBi200, which I've used with Google Voice for several years (the current device replaced an earlier obihai device I'd used with Google Voice for several years before that) started blinking red a couple of days ago, and in the OBI Dashboard, the Google Voice service status is "Offline". And, of course, I can't currently make or receive calls (and the phone I have plugged in says "check tel line").

I've tried removing and re-adding the Google Voice account, and it reporting "configuring" for a quite a few minutes and then goes back to "Offline". I tried setting the DNS internally to the device and rebooting, but that didn't help either.

Is this related to the Google Voice issues from last month? Or something else?

What should I do at this point?


The only LED that can be red is the Power LED.

Do you mean blinking between red and off or between red and green?

Is it a regular blink and if yes how fast?  Time between blinks if slow or how many blinks per second if fast.


Blinking between red and green. About 1 second between blinks. (I.e. it's green for about 1 second, and then red for about 1 second, etc.)


Your OBi has a hardware or firmware problem. Totally unrelated to GV.

You can try following the appropriate link from


I have the same issue but, the lights are green.  I get dial tone but, after dialing I get "network status IP address not available.  Reason 00"