Switching from Google Voice to Anveo?

Started by JNK123, December 09, 2019, 02:13:06 PM

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Hello - my first post here! I've been lurking for a while though. These forums have been a lot of help when setting up my Obi initially.

I set up my Obi a couple months ago with Google Voice forwarding incoming calls to a Callcentric number so that I could have incoming CNAM. There have been many occasions where Google Voice has failed to forward the calls to my Callcentric number, which seems to be a relatively common issue as Callcentric has addressed it in their FAQs... https://www.callcentric.com/faq/6/379

This isn't acceptable, so I've been considering switching providers. Can anyone speak to the reliably/quality of Anveo? I'm looking at their "Just Right" plan, exclusive for Obi users. Planning to switch to them for inbound, outbound, and E911. Yes, it's more expensive ($7 per month instead of $2.50 for Callcentric + Google Voice), but still dirt cheap compared with what I used to pay for my landline ($30 per month). Reliability is worth the extra few bucks in my opinion, if it is indeed more reliable (please let me know).


Hi JNK123 - I'm looking to switch from GV now too, and saw your post. Did you change to Anveo or some other provider? What's your experience of the change? Thanks.


I've been using Anveo and GV on my Obi202 for about 5 years and have been happy with the Anveo service. I am on the $39/yr plan which I think includes 300 min/mo outgoing, unlimited incoming, and Anveo 911 service.  I pay $0.009/cal for CNAM lookup as an option which also covers the GV number.

My only complaints are the volume of robo calls I get on the Anveo #, but I have not yet tweaked their call flow handler or uploaded a white list which might reduce these annoying ring/hangups.  Also, Anveo support is pay-as-you-go and documentation is limited.

Hope this helps.


Also, I might add that Anveo also provides email notification when the SIP connection drops.  Most often this is in the middle of the night when we lose the Xfinity ISP link.  My experience is that Anveo call quality and reliability is better than GV.  I have used Anveo for faxing scanned documents when my fax machine is down, but it seems expensive.  The last time I used it was $7.50 for an 18-page document.


Why not just upgrade your callcentric plan?  You are already familiar with the system.