OBI202, Google Voice & Alarm System Failed w/08/05/2021 Firmware Update?

Started by martincom, August 18, 2021, 05:52:31 AM

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We installed an OBI202 at the end of 2020 to replace our previous cable company phone service which was some form of VOIP.  With the cable company and with the OBI202, the alarm system never had issues communicating with the monitoring service equipment.

I noticed the alarm system now fails to communicate with the monitoring service about two weeks ago.  At first, I had attributed the alarm panel's processor hung on corrupted data from an extended power outage that exhausted the backup batteries.  I disconnected the batteries and the AC power to re-boot the processor.  No change, it is still reporting a comm failure error.

I did check for dial tone on the main board of the alarm panel with a butt set.

We have altered nothing in the configuration of the alarm system or in the OBI202.  However, the 08/05/2021 firmware update coincides with the alarm panel comm failures.  Is there something in that update that would cause this issue?

We understand some do not recommend the OBI/Google Voice for alarm system communications.  We have a large 16kva UPS that backup our internet head end, OBI and phone system.  We have been comfortable with the level of reliability it has provided.  Our backup power lasts as long as our ISP's transmission line backup power.


I don't think the updated firmware itself is the problem.  The application of the firmware update on your device may have failed in some way.

I see you checked for a dial tone on the main board of the alarm panel.  Have you tried plugging a phone in to the OBI202 where the alarm is plugged in?  Can you hear a dial tone on the phone?  Make incoming and outgoing calls?

Have you logged in to your dashboard on to see if there are any errors on your dashboard?  Does it show a status of "Connected" for SP1?


The telephones work OK.  The phone jack for the alarm system is the type that actually loops tip/ring through the alarm panel.  In this manner, when the alarm panel is communicating, the telephones are disconnected.  If the alarm panel's modular plug is removed from the jack, the jack has contacts that connect the phone system.  I don't recall USOC jack type definition.

I checked the logs of the alarm monitoring service and the last instance of communications was 07/27/21.  Reviewing the logs, I can't determine what the comm test interval is, and there is no pattern in the reports.

The alarm system does answer when called and returns answer tone.



FYI, if you check the box to use the SPx with an alarm system, it will not pass DTMF (touch tones), and it can't be used as a regular telephone line.  If your alarm works without the box checked, great.  Otherwise, you now know what to do.


Quote from: martincom on August 18, 2021, 08:52:23 AM
Power cycling the OBI202 seems to have resolved the issue.

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