Cannot over dial nor access the key system voice mail remotley with a OBI202

Started by martincom, August 18, 2021, 10:15:34 AM

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I have an OBI 202 configured for two Google voice numbers, one each on SP1 and SP2.  It feeds a multi-line key telephone system that has integrated voicemail.  I also have an alarm system connected between SP1 and the key system.  Everything works great, except:

1. I cannot over dial.  The key system generates the DTMF, but the OBI202 is not passing it.  For example, my bank adopted two level authentication.  So every time I attempt to login via the internet, the bank's system calls my Google Voice phone number and I answer it via the OBI202/key system.  It prompts me to enter the code on the web page.  The bank's system never receives the dialed digits.

2. When a call is received by the OBI202/key system and unanswered, it is routed to the integrated voicemail system where an auto attendant menu is played.  The caller then over dials their selection.  The OBI202 never passes that dialed DTMF to the key system's integrated voicemail.


I found my problem.  When you have the box checked, in the dashboard, for an alarm system, it will not pass or detect over dialed DTMF  I shifted things around so the alarm system is on the secondary line rather than the primary and that is a 98% workable solution.