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[RESOLVED]Can’t access OBI202 control panel

Started by Moonwalker, September 02, 2021, 07:44:21 PM

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"Requested URL not found"

Yet it IS the correct URL. It's from the LAN router. This have anything to with the August update (which I have verified by the way)?


Yes the last update reinstated the default of the UI not being accessible from the WAN port. Follow the link to the instructions for installing the update manually to learn how to reinstate access.


So to directly answer how to fix this, here's the instructions:

Update resets web page interface access to "Off."

"NOTE:  For the OBi202 ATA Device model, to access the integral local web-page via the WAN port (if prompted), at phone plugged-in, dial:  ***0, 30#, 1, 1# and 1."


You can also set it via the dashboard....see this topic for the ins-and-outs on this subject: