Going from Google Voice free consumer to paid Google Voice for Workspace

Started by boydscout, September 04, 2021, 05:58:54 AM

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Background: All, I have been using Obi products for a long time with my small business, receiving calls via Google Voice. However, it has become apparent that the consumer version is not designed for multiple calls, transferring calls, etc. so we decided to upgrade. We tried a few different solutions, but favored the Google Voice portal, search functions, MMS capability, etc. so we finally decided to buy some VVX150 phones and buy a Google Voice account for use with Google Workspaces to have a proper phone system.

The problem: Google Voice consumer numbers cannot be ported to Google Voice paid. It is listed as a porting "limitation" that I found in documentation (only after buying the phones and the service). In the Google Workspace Admin Console porting section, it says "Coming Soon, Google Voice numbers will be supported soon"). My Obi1022s with Google Voice consumer are driving my staff nuts, so I need to get a better solution up and running and I don't want to wait for Google to deliver a feature. I have no way for my business calls to get from my business number into the new phone system.

My temporary solution (until I can port the number): I want to forward calls from my Google Voice consumer number to my new Google Voice paid number. However, in the number forwarding portion of consumer Google Voice settings, it will not let me link my Google paid number for forwarding (it says, "This phone number can't be used to verify a new account because it's managed by Google (e.g., Project Fi, Google Voice). Try verifying with another number." They are making it really hard for me to buy their product...

My workaround (please help): I want to forward incoming calls on my Obi1022 to my new google number. I have tried 2 methods: 1) Persistent Call Forwarding, 2) InboundCallRoute. I can get the call to forward, but it does not pass the Caller ID to the new system, which is a real problem. Having Caller ID and being able to search on calls based on number is one of the major advantages of Google Voice. I have tried turning on the CID Spoof setting in the Obi1022, but that doesn't work.

If you know how to forward a call, along with Caller ID, from my Google Voice consumer to Google Voice for Workspace number using my Obi1022, please let me know. I have read some threads on call forwarding scenarios, but I didn't see anything on point. If there is a way to reliably forward GV calls outside of my hardware, I'm open to that, as well.


Have you contacted Google Workspace support and asked them?


Attempting to forward one Google Voice number to another isn't permitted, and can lead to a mess that you don't want as a business user.

Worst case, if Workspace says there is simply no way to port in the numbers, would be to port them out to a different VoIP carrier, then port them into GV for Workspace.


Thanks, Steve. As you saw, I posted the same question in the consumer GV forum (and the Workspace forum). I did some call forwarding tests with my business cell phone line (Verizon), and it forwarded successfully into both GV consumer and Workspace, so I went ahead with a port of my business GV number to the cell phone line. Once it's done, I can forward business calls from my Verizon line to GV Workspace until I can port into that system. I agree w/you, I think that's the only way to do it as of right now.

Thanks for answering my question. The last time I had an Obi question years ago, you answered it, too. I'll try to remember to just PM you next time. Kidding. Thanks again.


Glad it made sense.

Actually, next time you have a Google Voice question, don't post it here; post it in the Google Voice Help Community.