Obi202 No Dial-tone post upgrade

Started by SailingMagnus, August 31, 2021, 06:47:58 PM

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     Was gone all summer and returned home to find both GV phone lines in our house dead.   Tried to logon to the Obi202 to reboot it and couldn't get access.  Logged on to OBitalk dashboard and saw my device Connected for both GV numbers and registered for Aveno 911 but also noticed banner on top of screen announcing Firmware update back in August.  Read through several posts about how to re-enable WebAccess using your phone but with no dial-tone that's pointless.   Got out my old fashion phone and plugged it directly into the Obi202 in case it was a house wiring issue but still dead.   Found the posts about going into my Dashboard in Expert mode and re-enabling WANaccess which worked and now I can log directly into the device but no dial-tone.  I see have Build 8680EX.   I re-registered/confirmed my two GV accounts are configured/authenticated and connected.   

     I have green lights on the 202 for power/Internet/Phone1/Phone2.   No lightning strikes/other damage in the home that I know of and I use a UPS and surge suppression for all my network gear.  Can't believe the firmware upgrade manipulated the Phone ports for dial-tone?   I searched the forums looking for others with a similar problem but none found.  My Phone Port Status is all blanks with my old fashion phone plugged into Phone 1 and Phone 2 blank.   Any ideas what could be happening or is it time to buy another Obi202? 

SM in FL...


You have nothing to lose by trying a reset to defaults but usually those blanks mean an internal hardware failure. Often but not always caused by external voltage applied to a phone port.


Thanks for the input doc!   UR words along with some other discoveries around the house now that I have been home a few days suggest nearby lightning strike might be the root cause.  Ordered a new Obi202 from Amazon should have it tomorrow.

    I live in the lightning capital of the USA and it's not uncommon to loose a few power supplies/electronics over the summer even though I have whole house lightning suppression and run UPS's on all my delicate electronics.   This summer's losses; DVR security camera, LED Landscape lighting power supply, and a home automation wall switch.   With all that lost I still didn't correlate that to the 202 problems....until yesterday saw my neighbor getting his outside AC compressor serviced and asked him what's up.   He said about a month ago we had a HUGE lightning/thunderstorm with lots of close strikes and he lost his start capacitor on the AC compressor.   I would thought my home telephone wiring system is separate from the street since I don't have service from any provider....but in reality the outside telephone connection box is still from my house to the street so a strike on a pole/wire could back feed in through the old telephone lines.  I need to go clip them to prevent that from happening again!   I'll report back if the new 202 solves my problem!


Well, consider the purchase of a new OBi 202 your fine for not disconnecting your house's internal wiring from the telco at the demarcation point (the box outside).  Even without lightening, it will eventually fry your device.


So just to follow up a new Obi202 solved my problem.   Attached is a picture of a GOOD Phone Port status showing phone state/VBAT/TipRingVoltage/etc.    I deleted my two GV configs from the old DTA and provisioned the first one to new 202 as part of the setup.  It failed to register because the new 202 was running older Firmware.   After a couple of firmware updates/reboots boom my first GV number was working and piece of cake to add the second.   Can't say it was that easy the first or even second time I did this but either Google/Polycom/Both made some improvements because it was a piece of cake.  Even porting over my Aveno 911 service was smooth as silk.

The only problem I had/have was getting RTP streams to flow bi-directional on my network.   Years ago using Linksys and later Cisco E4200 WiFi router I always struggled with opening the right ports to get VoIP/SIP/RTP working.   About a year and half ago I upgraded my network to a Synology Mesh WiFi network and boom it couldn't have been easier and OMG the Synology gear is awesome.   Amazing what a good network performs like, so I'm now a total Synology fan for their network and NAS gear.    BUT with all that said about 6 months ago there was a Router Firmware update and boom RTP stopped flowing like the old days.   I tried the port opening tricks, I tried to DMZ the DTA, but no love.  Working with Synology Support we determined it was their Threat Prevent Package causing the problem.   I had forgotten I re-enabled it before I left for the summer.  Once I remembered this I disabled Threat Prevention and RTP flows fine.   They were supposed to get back with me when they had a patch/update/answer to why this was happening but I have not heard a peep from them.  I'll reach out to them next.....THANKS!