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Keep GV after porting number

Started by bigL, August 27, 2021, 11:09:18 AM

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Hi I was wondering if any kept their GV number after the 90days is up for $20 additional?   

Here is the exact wording from Google:  It will remain on your account for 90 days (you will be able to make it permanent for a one-time $20.00 fee).


It's up to you.  Some people want another # to use for Craigs List, Ebay etc


Hi I ported my landline, now I have both lines my landline and the google voice (for 90 days).  Is there a way to have them dial out independently?   Right now, all outbound calls show up as the landline. 


You aren't making much sense with your terminology.

"Porting" means transferring control of a phone number from one telephone carrier to another one.  Service on the losing carrier is canceled, and service on the gaining carrier starts.

You can't port landlines directly to Google Voice.  What did you do, exactly?  For example, did you have a landline phone number with service on a landline carrier, and then you ported that number to a mobile carrier, and finally, you ported that number to Google Voice?  If not, explain what you did, in detail.

If so, then you now have two Google Voice phone numbers (not a "landline" and a "Google Voice number").

If that's the case, then, if you want to keep the original Google Voice number, you need to pay another $20 fee to make it permanent.  Once you do that, you can make outbound calls using the caller ID of either Google Voice number, by selecting which number is "Primary" and the other one will be "Secondary".  Outbound calls will show the caller ID of the Primary number, and you can swap primary/secondary roles for free, at any time.

Inbound calls to either Google Voice number will ring the same OBiTALK line and the same mobile number or smartphone app clients.


Hi Steve,

I believe you are right.  this morning after the port, the new GV number (ported line)  showed up as that number going outbound and the same with the Original GV that was free to me.  After a few hours I guess OBi is only seeing the ported number, but I can receive calls on both number.  I am assuming if I make it permanent I can have it as is own line.   


If for example you had an OBI 202, and you had more than one provider (or in your case, 2 Google Voice numbers), you could plug a telephone into each phone jack on the Obi 202, and two different people could use the phone system at the same time, and have two separate conversations.