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OBi - Outbound calls are hiding caller ID

Started by Logan, October 04, 2021, 10:35:54 AM

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I have an OBi202 & an OBi2182. Both recently (past month or so) have been hiding the caller ID for my outbound calls. Everybody I call suspects a spam caller of some sort since the caller ID shows "PRIVATE NUMBER" or something similar. I looked inside my GV settings and it does not have "restrict caller ID" enabled. Furthermore, if I call from my cellphone, that uses the same GV number, it displays the caller ID, so I'm pretty confident this is an OBi issue. Any ideas on how I can revert to the previous settings where callers could see the caller ID? Please note, I haven't made any changes to either OBi device in 12+ months. I suspect this issue started when the new firmware was installed automatically. Any help on this is much appreciated.


We're still having this issue and don't know how to resolve it. Is anybody else having this issue or does anybody have any ideas I can try to troubleshoot it?


You could try star code *82   (Unblock caller id)


It shouldn't be doing that, of course.

One thing that can happen is that the Google Voice phone number was reclaimed (taken back by Google, either for lack of use, or for some Terms of Service violation).  Are you sure that the Google Voice phone numbers are still listed on the Google Voice settings page for the various Google accounts, and that outbound calling via either the Google Voice desktop website or the Android or iOS apps displays the correct caller ID?  Can people call these Google Voice numbers and if so, can you answer their calls?

If all that checks out, then it's time to try reauthorizing the OBiTALK SP's to the Google account.  Perform the steps below for one Google account at at time, closing the browser after you complete these steps, then reopen another Incognito/Private browsing window to re-authorize the next account, and so on.

  • Use a laptop or desktop computer's web browser, not a phone or tablet. If you're using Firefox, press Ctrl-Shift-P to open a private browsing window, or press Ctrl-Shift-N if you're using Google Chrome Browser or Safari.  In that private/incognito window,
  • Sign into the one, and only one Google/Gmail account that holds your Google Voice number.  Go here:
  • Confirm that you see your inbound Google Voice phone number at the top of the page.  If not, then this is either the wrong Google account, or you don't have a Google Voice number.  Find the right account.
  • Leave this browser tab open.  Press Ctrl-T to open another incognito/private tab.  In this tab, sign into your OBiTALK device configuration dashboard, here:
  • Click on your device, then click on the Service Provider (SPx) that you are using with Google Voice.
  • On the next page, click the link to the right of "Replace Google account credentials", and follow the  instructions.  When it asks your permission to use your Google account, make sure it displays the same, correct Gmail address you are using in the first browser tab.
  • Wait for the procedure to finish.  You're done.


Thank you guys for the help. The *82 fixed the problem... although in a kind of trippy way...
Before I began, both my OBi202 and cell phone were producing restricted caller ID's. I checked the GV settings and it had Anonymous Caller ID disabled.
I then did *82 from the phone on my OBi202 device and dialed a number. I was able to view the caller ID from that devices outbound calls.
I then called the number without *82 and to my surprise, it worked, I could see the caller ID.
I then tried calling from my GV line on my cell phone and the call had a restricted caller ID.
I checked the GV settings and it now had the Anonymous Caller ID ENABLED.
I tried calling again from the OBi202 phone and it restricted the number. However, this is the first time I had hope because the GV said restricted caller ID was enabled.
I disabled restricted caller ID in GV and tried calling from the cell phone again. Caller ID was unblocked.
I then called from the phone on the OBi202 device and Caller ID was unblocked.

So thank you for the help to both of you. Sorry I wasn't able to get to SteveInWA's post since I was able to get it resolved with the *82 trick. But either way, I truly appreciate your help on this. Thanks again, Logan

EDIT: Oh, and the OBi2182 was easier because it's not paired with a cell phone. I *82'd it, then went into GV settings and disabled blocking restricted calls. That made it work. It should be noted that I checked GV settings previously (about a week ago) to confirm Restrict Caller ID was disabled, but I did not check it the day of *82'ing it. So I don't know what the base was since I went into it assuming it'd work like the OBi202 trick worked... and I was right, so I got my result, but unfortunately missed out on providing the information here to this forum for anybody that potentially runs into this issue in the future.


I'm glad it worked out for you.

Be aware that *81 will turn "Block Caller ID" back on again.  i.e. It's possible you accidentally did that at some point.


Quote from: Sheffield_Steve on October 23, 2021, 06:23:30 AMI'm glad it worked out for you.

Be aware that *81 will turn "Block Caller ID" back on again.  i.e. It's possible you accidentally did that at some point.

I have an Obi200. Does this work on that also? I've never known a way to block caller id outgoing using Google Voice.

Also, when I had the POTS phone service with ATT, you could do per-call blocking with *67 before the phone number. Anything like that now with the Obi and GV?


Except for anything which necessarily employs the two phone port capability of an OBi202, an OBi200 has the same call handling features.