Obi200 and GV. Calls connect but cannot hear audio

Started by chandlerbing, September 07, 2021, 05:19:41 PM

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Not sure if this is related to recent firmware upgrade but cannot hear any audio when making or receiving calls.  Tried removing device and re-registering but no difference.  Also restarted device.  Anything else I can try?


I've had the same issue with my Obi 202 with the 3 GV lines, I'm having to reboot once a day.  I don't check every time the with CallCentric line, but when I have, no issues hearing the other party.


Same here. OBI-200. Had been working fine then no inbound audio. Also outbound sometimes static-y. What do you think? Power adapter trouble? Junk the whole thing?


Oh, and we're using Callcentric, so it's not GV. (Happens OBI-to-OBI too, so definitely hardware.)


I got the same problem too!! Can hear the phone ringing, Then NO AUDIO.
I'm using a UK SIP provider and have been for years.

How to solve this PLEASE HELP me.

Thanks Robert


After years of no issues... following the RECENT Google voice updates etc (i don't / can't use Google Voice anyway) I set the DMZ option in my router pointing at the STATIC IP Address of the Obi 200.


It can also be solved by forwarding the UDP ports used in the RTP Profile (LocalPort Min - LocalPort Max RANGE) in your router. My sister has also the same problem - different models of TPLINK ROUTERS

It would have been helpful if Polycom would have offered some guidance to their users....
It's not all about Google Voice, some of us use other VOIP services.

I had spent DAYS on this! - was about to put the lot in the bin!

Hope this will help some other poor souls with similar issues.