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OBi200 - Incoming Calls Not Connecting!

Started by Dostk, October 31, 2021, 06:59:40 AM

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Hi Everyone,

For the past several weeks my Obihai (OBi200) has been been acting up and I would appreciate some help from the community.  

Problem: Incoming phone calls are inconsistent. Some calls get through but most do not. Sometimes calls from one number will not get through for multiple days, and there won't even be an option to leave a voicemail.

However, the very next day, that same phone number may be able to get through. Only to not work again later that same day after a few hours. So there's inconsistency.

- Not all incoming calls have the above issue, but progressively it seems, more and more numbers are failing to connect
- Some phone numbers are almost always able to connect, but other phone numbers are not; I do not have any filter/block set up
- There are NO issues with outgoing calls
- I tried calling my house with two different numbers; one that wouldn't connect and one that could connect
- I called first with the phone that could connect, and then immediately after with the second one that couldn't. Only then could I hear an error message but was still unable to leave a message.
- For reference, my ITSP/VoIP provider is

Any ideas on what the issue could be, or suggestions on how to solve it? Is there a way to test if my Obihai is failing?

Thanks in advance for your help!


All those words yet not a mention of which ITSP(s) you are using.  I read your one other post and no mention there either.


Quote from: drgeoff on October 31, 2021, 01:44:03 PM
All those words yet not a mention of which ITSP(s) you are using.  I read your one other post and no mention there either.
Sorry, will be more thorough. My ITSP is


I am having a similar issue! It has been more than 5 business days since my number was successfully ported to Google Voice. Still, two AT&T callers will get a message that this number is unknown when dialing my Voice number. All other callers are able to connect via my OBi200 fine.


Been having similar problem. Been in UK for over a year, came back to CA last month. Had to upgrade firmware and tweak a few things but can't resolve this incoming call problem. I'm using Obi202 with VOIP.MS,  lost my google voice number through non use. I read the above settings message for but didn't see any thing to tweak in my settings. Every thing was working fine upto Oct 2020 when I left for the UK. Any advice would be welcomed.