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Started by JohnLabib195, December 21, 2021, 03:32:08 PM

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Can I just connect my fax machine and only use it with the free Google Voice service and will that work? If possible, I only choose to fax with Google Voice and not Obi-Talk's paid fax service. Also as you can probably tell, what I'm trying to do is for home use and I rarely send and receive faxes

I'm a newcomer to Obitalk with no experience


I use a GV Line for Fax all the time. In fact I have one dedicated for Fax.

You can use the default settings however I recommend you have a look at this post if you want the line to be dedicated to Fax and as fast as possible.

Of course if you will use the same GV line for Voice and fax you probably should not do those tweaks and just live with slower faxing.