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Incoming calls drop if not picked up, and never reach GV voicemail

Started by yakov, November 27, 2021, 06:09:35 PM

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I have OBi200 setup with GV. Works well with one exception:

  • When I call OBi's GV number from my T-Mobile phone #1 and don't pick up, after 4 rings the call drops and never goes to GV voicemail.

  • However, when I call the same OBi's number from my T-Mobile phone #2 and don't pick up, after 5 rings the call does go to GV voicemail.

Both T-Mobile lines are regular carrier lines not integrated with GV.

I'm perplexed. Any advice?


Is your GV number possibly configured to use T-Mobile's voice mail?
T-Mobile might see GV presenting another T-Mobile phone number as a spoofing attempt to block, or conversely a good reason to answer the call in a different way to automatically play voice mail messages if it accepts the caller's number as legitimate.


I've had a lot of issues with my GV that is connected to my Tmobile in the last few weeks. Used to be that when someone called my Tmobile cell number, my iPhone would ring and then GVoicemail picks up after 25 seconds. Now it rings, then my obihai ring before going to GVmail.  If someone calls my GV number (not my mobile number) - before it would ring on both my obihai and my cell then go to GVoicemail. If I hit ignore on my cell it would go to Gvoicemail. Now if I hit ignore (end) it goes back to obihai again. Very annoying. I posted on Google Voice forum and they're investigating.