Touchtone keys not working for within call

Started by andyk1, December 07, 2021, 09:55:55 AM

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Hi All,

Here is the setup:
I have OBi200 with WIFI connectivity, using GV. I am using Panasonic Wireless phones (KX-TGFA51) to make and receive calls. I can dial out and receive calls from GV via OBi device. It is registered and shows working on the dashboard

Here is the issue:
1. However when receiving call, GV asks me to press 1 to accept the calls, that touchtone is not being recognized, hence I cannot ever successfully connect to the calling party.
2. When making outbound calls where you have to select options from a menu, by pressing keys on the phone, OBi system does not recognize any key presses, so I am unable to pick menu option and hence don't get connected. Where as I can connect to same phone using my Mobile phone and it works

Has any one faced similar problem before? or any ideas on how to solve this issue?



1.  Before doing anything else please go to each one of all the other copies of your post and use the "Remove" button to delete them.

2. Then try this. Use Expert Mode on your dashboard to navigate to Service Providers, ITSP A Profile General.  If DTMFMethod is showing other than Inband, change it to that.