Obi200 NOT ringing phone on inbound calls.

Started by refrosted, December 05, 2021, 07:46:02 PM

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I discovered today that  my phone attached to Obi200  does not ring but makes a short sound like, "do,doda-lo" and then immediately gives the busy signal.    This is on SP2  on a DID.   Making outbound calls still works  well.

From looking at call history, it looks like this problem (no inbound calls) started  on 11/30-12/1.   Previously, inbound and outbound calls have been working well for years.

Phone port  status voltages  appear as listed in forum posts for on hook and off hook. Dialing ***9 1  does report the IP address.   X_InboundCallRoute ends with {ph}

Device is registered/connected at ObiTalk  and registered at

Any advice on determining the error it is having or how to troubleshoot/resolve this problem?

Thank you for any and all help.


Is it a "dumb" corded phone or a cordless one?  If the latter try a new set of the rechargeable batteries.