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SIP specification in speed dial - does it work with Zoom meeting SIP spec?

Started by rob613, December 10, 2021, 10:50:18 AM

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I depend upon my Obihai devices to be able to reach Google Voice.
I also have my old copper pair land line number ported into a SIP VoIP service on a different SP.
From time to time I like to be able to dial other SIP specification addresses, such as my Jolly Roger chat bot.
And this works fine as a speed dial which I found only works if I set it up to connect out via the SP of my actual SIP provider.

I've been invited to a series of zoom meetings where they have a SIP specification as an audio option.
I have not been successful to add this SIP spec as a parallel speed dial.
The Obi intercept voice reporting the error reads back the SIP spec correctly.

Any idea why it might not be compatible?
Apparently not all zoom users get SIP specifications for their zoom meetings, and all I can find is that it is used for some voice conference system devices.
A Poly device is even mentioned as a type of hardware that will use it.

Has anyone had success?   Maybe it is just a problem with how my meeting host has things configured?
I am not aware of any Zoom testing rooms which can be used to try things.


I'm told by a VoIP expert who knows a lot that zoom in particular rejects SIP callers who are not offering video.
So much for using my phone for audio in SIP HD from my Obi to go along with any video I might use on my laptop.

There is also another issue when calling out to SIP destinations through a SIP Service Provider's link for purposes of the Obi's configuration, that it exposes my username to the actual SIP destination, something which only makes sense and perhaps should only be disclosed to the SIP server that needs it for registration purposes.   I don't know any way around this.

The original nomorobo project (not the subsequent company with a service by that name) got around this when calling out from an Obi110 to forward land line calls to a SIP destination, such as a joke line, by sending calls through a Yate server over to a tropo script that did intelligent things.