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Where to buy another Obi202?

Started by ronstory, March 28, 2020, 05:45:43 PM

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It looks like my 5+ year old Obi202 is slowly failing.  Was having voice quality issue on one line..  and the problem is now starting to affect the other as well. 

So I wanted to buy another one, but the Amazon link in the left bar point to item that is "not currently available".   Anybody know when they will get back in stock? 



Here you go:  Newegg is an authorized retailer.  Make SURE that the listing you buy is "Sold and shipped by Newegg", not a third party.



I needed a replacement for an Obi202 back in early Feb 2020.  Every time I
checked either the Obi202 wasn't available or it was available from a 3rd party
for an inflated price. 

I started using to watch for availability. 
Within a couple of weeks I was able to purchase on Amazon for $64.99. The Obi202 was
"Sold by: Obihai Technology, Inc." and shipped by Amazon.


What's up with the availability? I can't find any decently priced new 200's or 202's. Only the sharks are left at Amazon.

Are the Obi's the new toilet paper due to the pandemic?




Obihai's parent company Polycom's end of life announcement for OBiTALK already meant that it stopped selling the Obi200, Obi202 and OBI212, but engineering and service support will end December 18, 2023. My Balance Now