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Calls to my home Obi200/GV# from my cell dead after 2 rings. No Voice mail.

Started by Juicer, December 23, 2021, 11:00:53 PM

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Using a new to me Moto cell phone, when I call my home number which is a Google number through an Obi200 device, I get two rings and then it disconnects with no VM. If the call is answered before the second ring, all is fine. If I click DoNotDisturb in GV settings, it goes to VM. Re-enable and same as before, 2 rings then disconnect no VM.
I can make calls from other cell numbers to my home phone and everything is fine.
I don't see any numbers as blocked on either the GV site or Obi.
Cell service is through MVNO Tello which is now part of the TMo/Sprint combination. Tello reset APN etc and changed nothing. They suggested I call Google (good luck there) to get some code??
It seems as if either GV or Obi is sending my cell calls into the avoid after 2 rings.
Sorry if some of the above info is irrelevant. I am at a loss as to why only calls from my cell# are being sent into the void after 2 rings (about 9 seconds as viewed in OBI status history)


Call your Tello phone number from some other phone number, which is not a Google Voice number, and which is not another phone number linked to your Google Voice account.  What happens, exactly?

Also, please delete your boatload of duplicate posts.  A bug in this forum software makes it appear to not post your topic, although it actually does post it.;u=32917;sa=showPosts


Please refer to the Google Voice Help Community thread in which you also posted.  Read my detailed procedure for troubleshooting.  You must completely delete your OBiTALK device off of your Google Voice configuration to make this a valid test.



Sorry Steve (bluescat?) about cross posting between the OBi and Google Voice forums.
I followed the troubleshooting recommendations at GV forum including removing OBi, leaving only web, making sure there was no GV on my cell phone/restarting.
Called the OBi/GV number from other phones (ATT MVNO, TMobile postpaid, Google Fi) and all calls go through without issue.
My Moto x4 still disconnects after 2 rings, no VM. When calling from my cell phone, using its GV number, calls fail if using "carrier" but succeeds under wifi calling.
There are no blocked numbers on my Moto x4 Tello (TMo MVNO) phone.
i have started a ticket at Tello but feel free to offer any suggestions.
While possibly unrelated, other posters suggest uninstalling (reformatting) OBi device. That might be a big hammer for a small problem??


As explained on the Google Voice help community, your Tello phone number is the problem.  There is nothing wrong with your OBiTALK device.


Thanks. I just did the housekeeping you suggested. Don't know how those duplicate posts were created.
Is there a way to add my name/number as "trusted" with Google voice or OBitalk?
Waiting to hear back from Tello.
I can change number if they suggest.