OBI2182 5ghz not working using firmware 6.2.3 (Build: 5330.1311)

Started by Maygill, January 21, 2022, 02:36:21 PM

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After updating firmware to 6.2.3 (Build: 5330.1311), OBi2182 5Ghz no longer works.

OBiWiFi Setup mode no longer broadcasts. Other devices do not see the SSID.

Also, the OBi2182 doesn't show any 5Ghz networks when scanning.

Can someone please check and confirm whether this is a firmware bug?

This has happened on more than one 2182.

Thank you


Yes, I've seen the same problem. I believe it is a firmware bug that Polycom/Obihai does not wish to address.

You'd be better off using the included ethernet cable, however.