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Local Phone Line and Google Voice

Started by ajm258, November 22, 2011, 05:28:49 AM

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Please let me know if this is possible.  I'm thinking about buying an Obi110 for my Dad's xmas present if this is possible :)

I want to hook up a phone line with regional-only service to make local calls (so my Dad can keep his local number).  And I want to configure the Obi with google voice to make long distance calls.

Can you configure the Obi to receive local calls with the regional-only line, and use google voice for making outbound calls?



Would be very interested in how to make this work.

I am assuming that outgoing calls that go though GV would use GV's number for CallerID.  There isn't a way to use the "real" number for that, is that correct?



Incoming calls on all trunks (PSTN, SP1, SP2, and OBiTALK) ring the OBi's phone by default.

Outgoing calls use a selected trunk (PSTN, SP1, SP2, or OBiTALK) by default but can be overriden using a prefix:

**1  ->  SP1 Service
**2  ->  SP2 Service
**8  ->  PSTN Line
**9  ->  OBiTALK Service

Automatic overrrides based on dialed number patterns can also be configured using custom DigitMaps.

For example:

International calls (011+)  ->  SP1 Service (Google Voice)
Specific area codes  ->  PSTN Line
Remaining area codes  ->  SP1 Service (Google Voice)