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LHC: Server name not

Started by HarpsichordMan, October 14, 2011, 12:54:37 PM

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I'm getting messages like this on syslog:
LHC: Server name not

Google voice is my SP1 provider and I can make and receive calls. My voice mail light blinks all the time even though I have no messages in my inbox.

I have the latest firmware.

What does this message mean and what can I do to fix it?




Obihai's response via email on 11/1/2011 was:

  This indicated that google voicemail checking failed. This won't cause any
harm to GV service; and device would automatically retry VM checking after a

  This started to happen recently. Although it didn't cause any harm, we are
also looking into it and see if this type of failure can be avoided.

The failure occurs quite frequently here.