Google Contacts Fail to Import to 2182

Started by lindend, February 14, 2022, 07:16:57 AM

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I'm trying to import my contacts from Google via Obitalk into a 2182.  Obitalk says the contacts imported successfully but the phone reports

"Google Contacts is empty or unknown format"

Is this a known problem?  Is there a workaround or a way to capture logs to see what's failing?


I did this some months ago when setting up these devices.  I do not know exactly what fixed it, but several reboots and a stronger internet connection later, they did import successfully.

By the way, I have been trying to find this feature again because my contacts need updated.  Where is it located?


I'm also trying to re-import GV contacts again, but the "Import Google Contacts" button is no longer displayed at:
OBiTALK>OBi Dashboard>(select device)>(scroll to bottom)>Import Google Contacts

Anyone know how to proceed?


Is there some kind of workaround?  I saw reference to an XML file somewhere.


I was able to import them from google voice, but there are some things you might look for.  Do you have _ (Underscores) in your names?

I created a new google account just for my contacts then I only imported the ones I wanted and not my entire address book that is 20 years old.