Calls cut off

Started by DJCB, March 14, 2022, 09:22:13 AM

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I have a Obi2182 configured with a Google Voice account. It is on my home internet, which has reliable connectivity and good speeds.  

Every single call I receive on that device cuts off after about 30-seconds. The call doesn't end, but the line goes dead and I can't hear anyone on the other line.

If I make the call through google voice app on my cell, I don't have this problem.

Any ideas?

Edit: I just called my Google Voice/Obi2182 line from my cell. On the Obi2182, the line goes dead and I can't hear the caller on the other end, but they can still hear me.

Edit 2: After the line goes silent, if I put the caller on hold and then resume the call, it solves the problem and (at least after another minute or so) does not go silent again.

Edit 3: I reset the expert configuration to Obitalk's default settings, and turned off any bluetooth. Still not solved. I have the same problem whether using the handset or the speakerphone.

Any ideas?