Missing feature: Auto attendant to answer all calls

Started by anzz, November 24, 2011, 09:19:31 AM

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I have this issue

Instructions say that in the device configuration options on obitalk.com for my Obi110 should have an option for "All calls to be answered by Obi attendant". This option is missing / not see in my menu.

IF I change the "inboundCallRoute" to {aa} in the web interface of my device, then that change does not stick as when the obitalk provisioning occurs, it changes back to {ph}.

If I try to change this from the expert configuration menu at obitalk.com, it will not let me make changes to the "inboundCallRoute" field.

Please advise how I can have autoattendant answer all calls and yet retain my obitalk Provisioning. Why do I not see the option to have all call answered by attendant in the obitalk device configuration menu. Thanks