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Started by rjniles, March 30, 2022, 08:44:58 AM

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EOL support for the OBi 2xx devices has  been announced but no mention of the OBi 2182 phone. Since it supports consumer GV, does this mean it will be sold and supported past the 12/23 date?


The 2xx products are adapters, the 2182 is a telephone.

Now that Hewlett Packard has decided to buy the company, I would wait to see what happens, but your 2182 should be supported beyond the 2xx series.
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The recent spate of 2182s appearing for sale at prices a fraction of what they were when launched together with the fact that Amazon is not currently selling them - the listings there are other sellers using the Amazon platform - makes me think that Poly has already "dumped" what stock it had and no more are being made.


According to Voipsupply, OBi2182s are End of Life, not just End of Sales. They haven't been made for awhile now.

QuoteProduct End of Life Notice
The Polycom OBi2182 12-Line Cloud Managed Gigabit IP Phone has been announced End of Life. Please call 1-800-398-8647 for current availability.


After chatting with Poly support and getting redirected to "Poly-Obihai" support (408-890-6000) and waiting on hold for 34 minutes (but who's counting) I got the following response:

The OBi1xxx and OBi2xxx series of IP phones are in the "End Of Life" phase and are no longer being manufactured. However, there has not yet been an official statement from Poly on this.

However, he assured me they would continue to be supported beyond the End Of Service cutoff date for the OBi2xx series of ATAs of 12-18-23. For how long past that date he didn't know. Have to wait for official statement from Poly.

Take that for whatever it's worth. However, he did seem knowledgeable and put me on hold for a few minutes to confirm things with engineering.