Getting my New Phone to Work

Started by Timothy468, March 31, 2022, 07:33:47 AM

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Dear Steve in Washington,

I hope to God that you're still active here as your comments are so sane and helpful.

I have an OBI200 and Google Voice home phone setup which I laboriously (for me at least) managed to create using my longstanding landline number, by switching it temporarily to a cell phone and then to google voice. Used my preexisting Panasonic set of portable phones – nothing fancy since I rarely use the number anyway.

The old phones got older and I plugged in a new set of Panasonic portables and get the dreaded and unhelpful message "...has not received a response from the service provider" when I dial out. When I dial my home phone, the computer rings, but the phone says "No Link" when I try to answer (it is not ringing). I am able to leave a message (I did not try to answer my call from the computer). So it appears that Google voice is working, so to speak.

When I log in to my Obi Home page it says that for SP1  Google Voice is Offline (SP2 Anveo account for 911 services has no comments).

When I look at my Google Voice account it appears to be working well. Dialing into the Obi setup number (2222222222) gets the same response.

Any recommendations on how to get my device to recognize a new phone? Or, where I can go to find out the solution?




When I tried to post this I got an error message and so tried to post it a different way (same error message) and so I then responded with this same message to a pre-existing thread (only to now see this did post!). Sorry for duplicate posts!



There is nothing you should need to do or can do to an OBi to make it "recognise a new phone".

Dial ***1 and report here what you hear.


It gives me an IP address (the correct one) and says my DHCP is enabled.

I can reconnect the old portable phone set to see it it still works, as it was prior to me hooking up the new phones.

I do see from reading here that the "...has not received a response from the service provider" problem has been reported previously, and is not associated with hooking up a new phone (though the connection seems intuitive to me as that is the timing of it).

Finally, the "OBI Endpoints" reporting that my Google voice is offline certainly seems to be important but I cannot figure out how to amend that.



jeffs555 posted in a similar thread that he has to dial ***9 to reboot the Obi to get rid of the "...has not received a response from the service provider" problem.

It worked.

I do not know how or why it might have been connected with swapping out phone sets. Perhaps it was coincidental.

My dashboard now reports I am connected and that my Anveo account is registered.