access obi 200 via wifi

Started by DeniseF, April 06, 2022, 08:18:20 PM

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I recently purchased an ObiWifi and am having wifi access problems. I can access the device by typing in wirelessly while it's connected to my home network, but if I connect to my hotspot the ip address changes to and I can no longer access it. The device is working for phone calls in both cases. Is there something unique about the longer ip address that automatically prevents wireless access to the Obi? BTW, I've confirmed the ip address by dialing ***1 and have set the Obi to allow WAN access. Any ideas? I'm trying to decide if I will drop my ISP and go totally with the hotspot, which means I will need wifi access. Thanks


What's the ip address of the computer you are using to try and access your OBi device?