Obihai 202 Blinking Red Light and Solid Green Light after Power Outage

Started by Siward, April 07, 2022, 05:17:32 AM

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The first two lights on my obihai 202 were flashing/blinking red and solid green after a power outage last night.

1) I tried reseting the box by disconnecting the power.  That didn't work.
2) I then unplugged the network cable and then reset the power again.  This time the power light stayed green.  After the solid green power light, I then proceeded to plug in the network cable.

My box came back online.


I posted this topic in hopes this may help someone with the same problem.

My obihai 202 has firmware updates disabled.  I have never registered for Obitalk.


I had the exact same thing happen on the same date.  Tried updating the fw but it will just reboot and start over.