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Call Progress Tones on Google Voice

Started by CanWeTalk, November 24, 2011, 01:16:47 PM

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I was pretty excited to receive and set up my Obi100, but my elation is fading.

Configured with GV, when I place an outbound call, the "ringing" is obviously fake, and there is no "busy" signal, only a cessation of the ringing, which happens after 1, or many rings, often sounding as if the called party lifted the receiver.

Is there a setting within GV to correct this misbehavior?


Is everything ok when you call the echo test? : **9 222 222 222

You might try temporarily connecting the OBi directly to your boradband modem to eliminate your router as a possible source of the problem.  Power-cycle the OBi and the modem after making the connection.