Cannot Save Custom AA Prompt.

Started by BR2600, April 16, 2022, 03:37:20 PM

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I just bought another OBI312 ATA for a friend  My first copy works fine. This version will not store a custom AA prompt.   It seems to work at first, it plays back my message and says it's "saved" and under "user prompts" for User 1 it will show the recording length of 27 or so seconds, but after the device reboots it is gone. No audio and length back to zero.

Any idea why this is:
Hardware version 1.4
Software version 3.2.4 (Build: 7970)


Follow up:  If I upload a 44.1 16 bit .wav file to the User1 prompt, it will then work for awhile.  That is, until the next reboot or power cycle.   So something is wrong with software version 3.2.4, the working unit is running 3.2.2