Obi2182 on RingCentral, can only dial local numbers and only w/ out area code

Started by ChuckD6232, April 18, 2022, 03:10:27 PM

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Setup Obi2182 today using ObiTalk dashboard to connect/configure for RingCentral. I can receive calls and I can also make calls but only local calls and only when NOT dialing the area code. As soon as I dial a # using any area code (local or non-local), it simply says "Trying" but eventually gives up and gives and error tone. I have tried enabling and disabling the "7-digit dialing" option as well, to no avail. Same result either way. Anyone have any advice?


This is old, but, are you dialing a 1 in front of your number?  I have Obi2182 on RingCentral without this issue...