once every few months, FPL calls go straight to voicemail

Started by aronroth, May 09, 2022, 08:55:43 PM

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I have 3 obi200s. They work fine, but every few months, one of them will have its incoming calls to its FPL account go straight to voicemail. I've read through so many forums, and double checked I have all the recommended settings. Tweaking settings never helped. The other 2 OBI200s with identical settings work fine, and the problematic OBI works fine for outgoing FPL calls + incoming and outgoing GV and voip.ms calls. The incoming FPL calls typically start working again after 3 to 24 hours without me doing anything.
status.fongo.com shows no problems the entire time.

Does anyone else experience this?
I feel like it's an FPL problem, as any problematic setting on my account would likely cause more frequent problems. And all 3 of my OBI200s see this a couple times a year on their respective FPL accounts.
3 different ISPs/modems.
Any suggestions as to things on my end I can try?