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when Internet goes down

Started by johnbo, June 27, 2023, 10:25:39 AM

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Every so often My internet connection might go down then maybe once a day if that. But when it does i noticed MY OBiHi lights still stay lit and when I pick up the phone and make a call I get that message that "HAS NOT RECIVED A RESPONSE FROM THE SERIVE RPOVIDER" sometimes it clears up in time and other times I have to unplug or reboot the unit. What is your advice for this to get it to connect automatically?


I'm so lucky to have found this site, which gave me easy access to good information fnaf


To ensure automatic reconnection of your OBiHi device, check your internet connection, verify device settings, power cycle the device, and contact OBiHi support if the issue persists.Jacklistens