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Can obi used as a line for credit card machine processing

Started by Bashir, February 06, 2012, 10:36:54 PM

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I connected the credit card machine at my small business to the obi linked with google voice the phone works great but when it comes to the credit card machine it is very slow to process the payment and most of the time the credit card machine doesn't work. Is there a solution to this ?


Confirm that the machine fails, even when you're sure that there is no significant other traffic on your Internet connection.

A DSL filter, connected between OBi and machine may help; try it both forwards and backwards.

If you have a SIP service configured on your OBi, try setting your Primary Line to it; the terminal may work better with the other service.  If you don't have a SIP service, get an account with CallCentric or Anveo.  You will probably want that for 911 service anyhow.

There may be baud rate or other settings in the terminal that may help, or you may have an alternative server number that works better.

If you can't find a solution, consider keeping a basic landline (also useful for fax) or getting a credit card terminal with Ethernet (much faster).


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