Google Voice not working

Started by BedfordPark, June 15, 2022, 07:41:07 AM

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I have been using Google Voice with an Obi200 for 6 years.  Now I can't make or receive calls. 

Received calls are forwarded.  My internet is working.

When I dial "***8" followed by 1 on the phone I do get the red power light followed by some blinking or steady green on all of the lights but the phone light on the right ultimately goes off and I can't make calls.

Am I resetting wrong or do I just need to get a new Obi200 after 6 years?  How can I troubleshoot this?


Perhaps you are not aware that the reset procedure completely clears everything that had been configured on your OBi. Not surprised you cannot now make or receive calls.

Your course of action should be obvious.