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2182 End of Service?

Started by alivoiper, July 27, 2022, 06:51:50 PM

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I just read that the 2182 device will be end of service soon next week? Does that mean that my GV will stop working on it? Or that I just won't be able to make changes using obitalk? I have seen a bunch of different posts about this. One post said that I need to change to a different provider but others suggest that GV will still work until the phone needs a new firmware. Can someone please clarify?
If I do need to make changes to the GV login will there be a way to do by logging into the phone's IP address instead of obitalk?
Thank you!


Once configured with your GV and/or other service providers your OBi is no longer dependent on anything provided for or on behalf of Obihai/Poly except when making/receiving OBi to OBi calls (**9 prefix). From 31 July onwards your 2182 will still be working for non-**9 calls as now until it has a hardware failure or you need to make a config change. For non-GV service providers you will be able to make changes locally. Currently it is not possible to do that for GV and there is no definitive information about whether that will change or not. I suspect it will not.