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Latest Firmware Updates for OBi1000 Devices

Started by WelshPaul, February 24, 2017, 12:13:10 AM

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Quote from: glambx on January 07, 2019, 10:54:47 AM
I'm on 5.1.11 (Build: 4858EX.1311) at the moment, and my 1062 has started occasionally rebooting itself while reactivating the screen (set to power save after ~5 minutes).  I'd like to back out to 5.1.8, but it appears they introduced an additional new bug in 5.1.11.

Every version of every firmware I've tried to flash (including the new non-official firmware) produces the error:

Firmware Update Failed
Firmware package checksum error

Anyone found a workaround?  Are they locking customers onto the latest version of their firmware so they can start stripping features away?

I have personally had this bug, and I can tell you the reason:  The OBi 1000 phones use more power than the 200/300 series ATAs.  The power supplies for the phones look like the power supplies for the phones, and they have the same power plug.  If you accidentally use an ATA power supply (or a third-party supply) on the phone, it will reboot itself every time it does something that draws more than idle current.

Get a magnifying glass and look at the printing on the power supply.  I don't have a 1000 product any more, but I believe they shipped with 2A supplies, not 1A supplies.


My circa 2015 1062 is placarded "12V/1A DC", same as the original wall wart pic attached.