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Can't Install OneSuite.

Started by idahowayne, October 06, 2022, 07:43:38 PM

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Recently purchased an Obi 1032. Have a GV number and am trying to install A OneSuite number.
When using the auto install function I get the following message back from OneSuite
"ObiTalk Error:Cannot obtain device information (4).".

When installing manually I get this message. "Configuration has been updated successfully."
When returning to the dashboard I get this message "Register Failed:403 Invalid password provided."
After a minute it changes to "Service Not Configured." Obi tech support blames it on OneSuite any thy don't know what to do.
Has anyone had similar problems? Does anyone know how to fix it?


The "Configuration has been updated successfully." message just means that the info you provided has been loaded into the phone.  It does not mean that the info has been verified.

Are you sure that the SIP server, SIP username and SIP password you are entering are correct? I'm not a Onesuite user but it is very common that those are NOT the same as those needed to log into your account on an ITSP's website.


Thanks for the help, it sounds like that is the answer. I went online and read up on what SIP is and how it is used. Now that I know a little it becomes obvious that the OneSuite support doesn't know much, so I gave up on trying to install it on my 1032  Sp2 and put in another GV number.
On SP1 I have had Anveo for a few years and removed it a week ago. This evening I installed CallCentric on SP1 and got the same result as with OneSuite "Register Failed: 403 Incorrect Authentication". CallContric had sent me Emails with the proper numbers to use so I know I got it all right.
Also I can't receive calls on GV on SP2. It gives one quick ring and quits, then I get a voice mail by Email from the Anveo that I removed at least a week ago.
I'm hoping for another answer.


If you are experiencing issues and have already contacted the technical support team for the software or service you are using (Obi tech support in this case), continue working with them to resolve the problem. They should have access to specific information about their software and can provide guidance and assistance.