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OBI Device Feature Inquiry

Started by JeffLau, November 05, 2022, 11:37:55 PM

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I Wish To Setup TeleMarketing Department, The Requirement Needed Is Not Allowed Agent To Access Contact Prevent Customer Data Distributed Out To Competitor. All Agent Only Allowed To Using Speed Dial Or Alias Number To Contact Customer

Second Is Which Model Of Obi Device Suitable For My Environment To Me And Is That A Must Needed Using Static IP Or Can I Using Dyndns Or No-IP

I Wish To Know Also Is That I Can Assign Outgoing Calling Number Or Called As Outgoing Calling ID For Customer Call Back To Me Instead Of Purchase DID Number. Purchase This Device Is That Bundled With SoftPhone Or I Needed Buy IP Phone. I Needed To Know For Do Budgeting

Is That Any Distributor Or Reseller Of OBI Device Located In Thailand, Hope Anyone Can Reply To Me Asap


One, the major benefits afforded by the OBi devices are available to be turned on, set-up and modified from within the portal. What's more is the application of ...Obihai Technology, Inc. OBi 500 Series Device Core Ball Administration Guide. Models: OBi508 – 8-Port Voice Service Bridge and Terminal  bi is a revolutionary adaptive eating device for individuals with upper extremity strength and mobility limitations. Through the use of customizable accessibility switches, Obi allows the user to control what they eat and when!An OBI strip is a paper band or a folded paper flap as an addition to your Vinyl Sleeve. The OBI strips are best known from the Japanese import releases where they usually contain the release info in Japanese.