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Error 408 Request Timeout Calling Outside Line from AA

Started by nh905, January 29, 2023, 10:18:11 AM

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I have an OBi200 where SP2 is connected to Anveo and SP# is connected to OnSIP.  Using Mizudroid, I can connect to the Auto Attendant and enter in the phone number I want to call.  I successfully tested this last August while travelling - the Call History showed:
Call 44 08/21/2022    18:36:01
18:36:01 From AA1 To SP2(mycell)
18:36:02 Ringing
18:36:13 Call Connected
18:36:13 New Peer: SP3(mizudroid) Transfer Target
(Bridged, Continue at Ref:61760)
Call 45 08/21/2022    18:35:35
18:35:35 From SP3(mizudroid) To AA1
18:35:35 Ringing
18:35:39 Call Connected
18:36:13 Call Transferred Transfer to SP2(mycell)
(Bridged, Ref=61760)
18:36:13 Call Connected
18:36:18 Call Ended

However, when I tested today to two Telus cellphones as well as my home line (different service provider), the call connects for about six seconds (I can hear and talk) but then the call drops.  The Call History is the same as above except for "Call Ended (408 Request Timeout)".

Another post suggested this issue was likely a temporary service provider problem, but I have no problems calling the numbers I tried from the phone line directly connected to the OBi200.  The flow is different since the call comes in on PH1 and goes directly to SP2, rather than being bridged from SP3 to SP2.

Is it likely that the problem is with OnSIP?  I can see the calls in the history on the OnSIP site but there is limited detail without any indication of errors.  I am not aware of any changes to my OBi200 since last August, although there might have been firmware updates. 

Any suggestions, other than hoping the problem goes away?

Thanks, Norbert


There have been no firmware updates between August 2022 and now.


Everything is working today.  Sometimes problems do resolve on their own.