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Obi302 and Google Voice

Started by alphanstein, February 02, 2023, 06:47:48 PM

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First think to know, you can only provision Obi302 from a Google  Workspace admin account where you have added Google Voice standard or premier as a subscribed package (not starter).  There you will be able to select the desk phone option and add the MAC address of the Obi302 to get it assigned to a user that has a phone number assigned.

I have Obi100 and Obi202 boxes which I historically provisioned via Obitalk and then added Google Voice to them that way.  This does not work for Obi302, so please save yourself the headache of trying.  I did out of habit and then eventually after no success, reached out to tech support for Polycom who informed me of the error of my ways. 

After their redirect, I was able to get the Obi302 connected via Google Workspace in under 30 minutes.  Figured I would post here since I didn't find any other guidance of this sort in my investigations for a solution.