Where is everyone porting their Google Voce number now that things are changing?

Started by Stu-be, March 08, 2023, 10:02:21 AM

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Long term user here, (Obi100 was the first I had), As of today (Christmas Eve 2023) still see my Obi's online on the portal, and each with a GV number working as usual. One of them is being used as my landline.

When these no longer work, I guess I'll just use the GV number on my cell with the GV app, and toss my cordless phone away :-/


Quote from: unmesh on July 19, 2023, 12:27:00 PMI'm a long term user of Obi200 devices with GV and need to have a plan for when this combination stops working. I'm hoping for clarification on one thing that has me confused.

While there are instructions on how to preserve your GV number after opening an account with other ITSPs, doesn't one lose the ability to make outbound calls over GV? In other words, you can get inbound calls to your GV number but outbound calls go over your new ITSP with the caller ID showing as your GV number?

And does voicemail still go to GV?


I can make calls via Google Voice with my Laptop... It works quite well ! And I get text messages and voice messages on my laptop as well.  Still have GV hooked up to my OBI200 and that works side by side with my laptop. I am currently in the West Indies for the winter and using the OBI200 and my Laptop (For picking up messages). I continue to use the OBI200 until it doesn't work anymore.