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Call quality during zoom or teams but not regular calls.

Started by alivoiper, March 17, 2023, 09:35:38 AM

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Is there any way to tweak the call quality settings? I have 150/150 internet. When I make a regular call I have great call quality. When I dial into Zoom or Teams or those type of bridge / confernce I often hear popping or garbled sounds. If it only happened on zoom then I realize it could be a zoom issue. But it happens with Teams too... and it doesn't happen with calls to land lines or cells etc. Sometimes I'll cut in and out on those bridges too. I'm wondering if it could be a codex issue?
Again, if it were all calls  it could be the bandwith or my internet... but its not...


I have very high speed internet. Just seeing if there is a way to tweak it on the phone side to increase bandwith