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It seems OBI200 can not record an incoming call

Started by JaskHill, May 15, 2023, 07:19:22 AM

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Hi, I found out in my OB200 that, when I make an outgoing call, I can record the call by clicking the "Record" button in its Web management page.

But it seems there is no such "Record" button for an incoming call.

Do people know why?


Quote from: JaskHill on May 15, 2023, 07:19:22 AMBut it seems there is no such "Record" button for an incoming call.

I assume you're talking about the Call Status page? The "Record" button is available for me for both outgoing and incoming calls. I tested both incoming and outgoing calls and they both recorded as expected.

Can you post a screenshot of your Call Status page during an incoming call that shows the Record button is missing?


Thanks Taoman!    The problem is solved now.    I now can see the Record button for incoming calls in the Call-Status page.

I use inbound-call-routing to route certain incoming calls to another phone number or another OBI box, then in such situation, in the Call-Status page in the (original) OBI box, the Record button only shows up in the tranferred leg, not in the initial leg.    I forgot to scroll down the web page.  So I missed that Record button.