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Using FreePBX Extension to call a speed dial on Obi2182

Started by DennisChev2, March 05, 2023, 02:48:40 AM

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I have an Obi2182 with four Google Voice accounts, and a cloud based FreePBX server. I have numerous Speed Dials set up in Obitalk. If I pick up the handset on the 2182 and use speed dial, the calls connect properly. If I dial a USA number from a FreePBX extension, Obitalk connects the call through Google Voice. But if I dial a 2 digit Speed Dial followed by # for Obitalk from the Freepbx extension, I get a congestion error message (503 -Service not Available) message. If I dial a 1 or 2 digit speed dial from the FreePBX Extension without #, FreePBX reports that the call has been "answered" but Obitalk is not processing the outbound call via speed dial to Google Voice. Can anybody assist me with how to modify the digitmap - and which digitmap, or other setting, I need to modify? Thanks.


Speed dials only work from the handset or from the Auto Attendant. I assume you don't want to use the Auto Attendant. You can setup speed dials in FreePBX.

There is a way to create your own OBi speed dials, but it requires adding a rule to the X_InboundCallRoute for each speed dial. Let me know if you're interested and I'll show you how.


I am interested in both the Auto Attendant and inbound routes method.

Perhaps I should explain my dilemma. I am setting up a calling system for elderly people in a nursing home. They are on fixed incomes, and most cannot afford to make calls. I have FreePBX setup to "call back". But each person has their own DID at the nursing home. And outbound calls are expensive. They can place an outbound local call to my PBX which has a CID callback. The call is never answered. It simply reads the CID then calls back. I have 4 GV accounts in my Obi2182. Once they receive the callback, they get a DIS and they can place their outbound call. The problem is all the outbound calls are made on the first GV account. And the GV account only supports 3 channels. I need to be able to route the calls through other GV accounts. I tried prefixing the numbers in FreePBX...But that didn't work. It still directs all outbound calls through the first GV account. I finally figured out the problem was due to the way Obitalk does its "dialplan" with its "dialmap". But I do not know how to force the Obi2182 to route the outbound calls through the different GV accounts.

I have the four GV accounts in SP1 through SP4 and the FreePBX extension in SP6. If I call directly from the Obi2182, all calls get handled and routed properly. Even if I Call through SP6, if I prefix the call **21NXXNXXXXXX, the call gets routed through SP2. When I tried prefixing the call **2 through FreePBX, I got a 503 (Service Not Available) error message.

Essentially, I need a way to route the calls to specific GV accounts after the callback. The users are willing to dial the "extra digits" in order to save money. (I provide the service free of charge). Presently, only one person can call at a time because each call use 2 channels (One for callback and one outbound. GV will support three simultaneous channels). Any assistance you provide will be greatly appreciated.


The **n prefix is not the only way to select a SP.  It is also possible to select based on additional initial digit(s) (ie no *s) and remove it (them) from the phone number sent out on the selected SP.

How in the OBi are you bridging the call from FreePBX?


I have a SIP extension in FreePBX (601) that is registered with Obitalk. The dialplan in FreePBX is for 1NXXNXXXXXX. These calls are bridged over to Obitalk. The calls get automatically routed through SP1 (and only SP1). I tried prefixing the calls. This method did not work. However, I did not have a matching digitmap on the Obitalk side. So this method might work. I tried prefixing the calls with **X, but this resulted in a 503 (service not available) error message.


Voice Services -> SP6 Service -> X_InboundCallRoute:

**n prefix for routing.
No match will default to SP1.
You can use any prefix, just change the rules.


Are you aware that Poly will stop GV support starting 12-18-2023? It's my understanding that this will not break GV immediately. What I think it means is that if Google makes changes that breaks GV, Poly will not make firmware updates to fix the problem.

Do the seniors have internet access? They can use the callback feature of GV to make calls. They would sign into their GV account, initiate a call, GV will call their DID, answer the callback to complete the call.

Do you know people that will donate an old cell phone or tablet? No call plan needed, just WiFi. Install the GV app and make calls. This is an easier alternative than the callback feature. I think Andoid 6 or IOS13 is required. If the phone doesn't have the required firmware, they can use a browser on the phone and the GV callback feature.


While internet access is available, many of them do not use the internet, or even have smartphones, or tablets. But I will look into getting some old, used phones, or tablets. I can set up the phones for them, and teach them how to use them. Thank you for your suggestion.